We as Authorized Distributor in Indonesia with products for Conveyor System Components by brand:

GREAT BELT (USA) : Conveyor Belt

POTROLL : Heavy Duty Conveyor Roller & Accessories.

POTECH : Belt Cleaner & Rubber Fender.

BAITE MAGNETISM : Magnetic Separator

In addition to emphasis on Product Quality, we are also supported by the Technical Support by providing Before and After Sales Service. This becomes a Standard Service that we provide in realizing our mission as a partner “Provide a sustainable system solutions by focusing on service optimal, efficient, timely after-sales service is excellent and consistent, with proper
maintaining the quality of products that is world class “.

For reference, our products have been proven and tested (proven) used operations in
diverse industries such as Cement, Quarry, Readymix, Mining, Power Plant, and
General Industries.

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